A Tutta Birra!


After the great success of the past editions, the craziest and funniest race-waling in the world. "A Tutta Birra" 21st August 2016 at 18.00 in Borgo Montello (LT).

This is a non-agonistic event inspired by the "StrongmanRun", where men, women and youth and even your four-legged friends can gamble in the Pontine countryside for 7 Km. to enjoy a run or walk in the nature and a lot of beer!

Once you get to the finish line, to pleasantly end the day, you’ll find more beer (of course!), culinary stall e a lot of music. Guaranteed fun for your partners too!

The race

The route will be approximately 7km with obstacles, in the countryside of Borgo Montello.

Watch the route



The courses and the obstacles are designed to be suitable for all, they have been planned just to make the race much more exciting, not more difficult!


It is the drink that gives the name to the whole event. Beer will follow the runners during all the race: you will have 3 "drink areas" where you will have to have your beer.


Individual and group masks will be awarded after the racing.


The race will take place in Borgo Montello on
21st August 2016. Start at 18.00.

Registration 12,00 €

So just show yourself up at 16.00

  • Enrolments can be carried out:
    - Pre-enrolment by sending an e-mail to centrofitnessmontello@inwind.it , enclosing a copy of the payment will be considered valid only registrations documented by payment: BANCA DI CREDITO COOPERATIVO DI ROMA IBAN: IT22X0832773950000000004725 the bank transfer must be made payable to A.S.D. FITNESS CENTER MONTELLO
    - or on site until 30 minutes before departure
  • Race pack: personalized medal for the first 500 members, refreshment in the race with beer, watermelon at the end of the stroke, good for sandwich or portion chips and 1 beer for consumption at the gastronomic stand, evening with Dj Brando
  • Prizes will be awarded to the first 5 arrived men and women will also be awarded the Mask more beautiful, the nicest, + original,the sexiest, + ugly, the masked group more numerous, the first disguised couple arrived ( same mask), the first mask arrived with'four-legged friend , l'four legged friend asked more sympathetic and many other awards, the most beautiful photo of the Contest Instagram with the hashtag #aTuttaBirraLT16
  • Everyone is welcome to partecipate, as long as you sign the waiver of responsibility (no medical certificate needed);
  • The race isn't part of any championship, it is a totally non-agonistic event just for fun;
  • On the route you will find 3 drink areas where each participant have to drink half pint of beer (0.2 l), being observed by the judges. In order to be consider qualified each participant have to drink at least one beer.
    Each pint of beer will be considered as a "bonus" time to take out of your final timing:
    1st pint of beer - 2min
    2st pint of beer= - 3min
    3st pint of beer= - 4min
  • At each stop you will be giver of water as well.
  • Only who will be wearing the racing bib will be able to have drinks.
  • During the race, you will find signal, tips and hints  and staff ready to help you.
  • You are allowed to bring your four-legged friends (every breeding accepted) as long as you keep them on a leash when walking and running.
  • A walking suitable for adults and kids (minimum age is 12years old) has been arranged, for those who just want to chill and have fun. (No beer for kids!)
  • The'enrolments for children under the age of 13 is 6 euro (with sandwich or chips and a drink but without medal). The'Registration for minors you can register only via email or on the spot. The walk for all other costs 12 euro
  • Dressing up is recommended, it will give you a time bonus of -2min from your final timing!
  • Toilettes and shower are available to be used during and after the race.
  • You can register on site until 30 minutes before the race starts, or you can pre-register until 17.00 of Friday 19th August 2016 by sending an email to centromontello@inwind.it , attaching your signed waiver of responsibility. We suggest to pre-register since we have a limited number of racing bibs. You will pay your subscription fee  only once you get there.
  • The racing bibs can be given to third party as long as you communicate it at the pick up.
  • The time limit to finish the race is 2 hours.
  • Doctor and ambulance will be on site
  • During the race you will find fun obstacles to pass, insipid by the StrongmanRun

The event will be carried out with any condition of weather, without prejudice to the possibility of'organization to suspend the race for questions related to the security of the participants or public order. The'Organization reserves the right to cancel the event and to modify this regulation at any time for reasons which it considers appropriate for a better organization of the race.

Any changes to services, places and times will be suitably communicated to members and will be reported on the internet site www.atuttabirra.run and in the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/atuttabirraLT/

Image Rights

With Registration to "A TUTTA BIRRA" 2016, the athlete specifically authorizes'organization to resume with means television, cinema, photographic or other means,'image of myself in the course of his participation in the invitation to tender and confirm with the present statement said authorization, recognizing to'organization of "A TUTTA BIRRA" The broader right but not obligation to register it, play it, print, publish, projected and spread it, and still use it with every means currently known or that will be invented in the future, without time limits nor of any kind in the world and to surrender to a third party for the purposes of promotion and/or advertising.

The athlete also declares that they have nothing to expect from' organization of "A TUTTA BIRRA" and/or assignees and/or dependants, and in general by anyone and exploits its image, being each pretension of'Athlete satisfied by'opportunity to take part to the sporting event.

Adult’s waiver of responsibility Underage’s waiver of responsibility

About us

Dj Brando

Fun night with disco music from 70s/80s, going trough the Down-Beat and House Music of 90’s to the Deep & Soulful and Nu-Disco of our days...


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